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GMC Vehicles That Are Deemed a Lemon

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Is your GMC a lemon? If you are having continued issues with a GMC vehicle, the maker has opportunities to resolve the issues but if a fair number of attempts are made and the problem is still not repaired, you have the right to file a lemon law claim. If these warranty problems are with a recent 2012-2020 GMC Yukon vehicle, these problems might include:

  • Transmission
  • Air conditioner
  • Electrical system
  • Oil consumption

It is time to get help with these problems.

Lemon Law Aid

You can get GMC lemon law assistance from Lemon Law Aid where qualified attorneys with experience in lemon law complaints can help you file a claim to get your money back or replace your vehicle. They can help with no cost to you as existing lemon laws specify that all fees for attorneys or other court costs must be paid by the manufactures of your vehicle. 

Qualifies as a lemon

 Under the laws of most states, a vehicle can be deemed a lemon, if the vehicle:

  • Has a “significant defect” covered by warranty and occurs within a certain time frame after purchase.
  • Continues to have the problem or defect after a sufficient number of attempts to repair have been made. 

Components not covered

Not every component of a vehicle is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. For example – tires as well as brakes are completely excluded. But for all other issues that the dealer is unable to repair and covered under a warranty, the car can be deemed a lemon and the consumer is entitled to either a replacement vehicle or a total refund. 

Steps to follow

Once you have come to the conclusion that the vehicle you have is a lemon, the next step is to call an attorney, such as Lemon Law Aid, to file a claim for your money back and to cancel the contract. It is quite reasonable to call a car a lemon if there is a problem that cannot be fixed. A used car dealership that sells you a lemon is required to buy the car back. 


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