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How to transport a harley davidson bike using a carrier?

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Motorcycles are the simplest and miniature version of automobile machineries. Almost more than 75% of the population of all over the globe are owning different forms of two-wheelers. Though motorcycles are the most enjoyable mode of on road human transportation, yet they also require to be shipped in case of cross country or across the country shipments. Some people might opt for riding their motorcycles rather than them to be shipped. But if you consider the cost of gas as well as other travel expenses, you will surely agree that hiring a professional carrier service provider would be more economical to accomplish the task securely and also lessens your stress regarding transportation.

There are several reasons for why people need their motorcycles to be shipped. Most of the time, the reason is the owner’s relocation. Or maybe you are thinking of selling your bike or buying one online and require to bring it to your desired location. Whatever the reason is, there is always a dilemma about what should be the mode of shipping, as it is about your big Harley’s safety concern. No responsible owner won’t allow any kind of hazard to happen to his big vintage gear in transit. Bike owners often feel reluctant to handover their big bikes to the shippers. In that case, if you don’t have to cover too long a distance, you can make your biggie shipped on a hitch carrier which is simultaneously safe and affordable for everyone. Additionally, you can keep your bike with yourself while relocating.

So, in this article, we will try to satisfy the queries of the readers about shipping a Harley Davidson bike by a carrier followed by some useful tips.

What is hitch carrier and it’s installation

Hitch carrier is a simple rack-like equipment that is made of heavy duty steel or aluminum and has a sturdy construction. It has the capability of bearing more than 900 pounds of weight at a time. To ship your big bike on a carrier, you need to install it at the back of your vehicle. Here, it is better to remember that do not try to place a carrier if your car is not large enough as your Harley’s weight may tilt your small vehicle backwards after placing it on the attached hitch carrier. Moreover, consider your bike’s weight, dimension, traveling distance etc while choosing a hitch-carrier for your bike transportation. A suitable carrier ensures your bike’s safety during shipping.

Shipping with a carrier helps you to carry your bike to your desired place without making any towing. Your vehicle should be large enough to attach a carrier on it’s back. If your vehicle has a 2″ hitch receiver, it will be easier to find a suitable carrier for your big gear. Along with that you would need exact tools to install the carrier properly to your vehicle. You require to set aside tools like socket set, rachet, ratchet extension, swivel socket, torque wrench, by jack and stands, pry bar, torx bits, measurement tapes, trim tool, screw driver, power drill, box wrench set, carbide drill bits, metal sheers, utility knife, rotary cutting tool and work gloves, shop light, safety glasses for safety purpose. It is recommended to ask for the help of one more pair of hands during installation of the carrier.

Placing the motorcycle on the carrier

The next task after installing the carrier is to load the bike on it. For that you must need a ramp that should be according to your bike’s weight. Before placing the bike on it make sure that the carrier and ramp is attached properly or in case of misplacement, severe damages may occur. Additionally, ask your friend to hold it from the backside while loading. As the Harley Davidsons are jumbo motorcycles, it might slip during mounting. Otherwise, you can rely on hitch carriers for shipping your bike with your eyes closed as most of the carriers contain anti-tilt locking mechanisms with multiple tie downs from the both sides of the rack that prevent your bike from wobbling and sliding during shipping. Carriers contain nylon strap tie downs that won’t leave scratches on the bike’s body. Moreover, the process of loading and unloading on carriers are more

easier than in loading or unloading it on truck or trailer beds. And this mode of transportation is really cost effective as you need to invest once and can use it several times.

Hope the above information may help you to transport your Harley Davidson safely to your next destination.

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