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Signs That Your Car Needs a Cruise Control Repair?

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Cruise control is one of the latest driver assist features in the modern day cars that is also considered as one of the best ways towards drive safety. It is an automatic system that determines in which speed the car will run, depending upon the following distance between it and the car that is driving ahead. So, if your car is equipped with cruise control then you are automatically at low risk of any frontal collision.

It makes driving even more convenient for the driver who is new to driving. But the other advantage of cruise control system is braking system, it acts as a layer of protection to the brakes as well, as the need of repeatedly pressing the brakes in order to maintain a safe is reduced, assured the mechanics of the auto repair service near Kuna.

Causes of Failure

But what can cause damage to the cruise control feature, and how is this feature repaired? Here’s a brief on both.

BrokenBrake Pedal Switch:

The brake pedal switch of a vehicle is supposed to get turned on along with the brake lights every time the brake pedal is pressed. But a vehicle that is equipped with an automatic cruise control system will not engage the brakes even if the pedal is pressed by the driver, because the cruise control feature is wired to the brake pedal switch.

Faulty Fuse:

The cruise control system makes use of an electrical circuit in which the fuse is attached to protect the system from the probability of a short circuit. So, when the fuse is blown off, it can shut down the cruise control system as well.

Speed Sensor Damage:

The cruise control system is comprised of a high end speed sensor which has several functionalities. The main job of this speed sensor is to determine the speed which is the safest at a particular point of time. The cruise control feature does so by controlling the fuel flow and the ignition timing. So, if the speed sensor somehow gets damaged,it will automatically stop operating the cruise control system. To make sure that is the reason, you need to check out the speedometer.

Why it Needs an Urgent Repair

When a car drives with the cruise control system enabled, the entire mechanism of its movement changes. It doesn’t wait for the driver’s manual input that way, as it is attached to the main braking system. Therefore a damage to the cruise control system can lead to fatal accidents because of miscalculated braking time, warned the staff members of the Kuna auto repair service.  It becomes more dangerous for those who are habituated with the advantages of cruise control become dependent on this feature. Hence, when this feature starts malfunctioning, driving becomes not only difficult but also life threatening. The risk of a sudden crash increases, especially if the driver isn’t aware of its dysfunctionality. So, it needs urgent repair and servicing.

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