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Why Air Filter in Vehicles is Vital?

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According to several studies, it showed that vehicle owners often neglect maintenance of air filters during scheduled servicing. However, it is an essential part of vehicle that keeps a car’s engine safe from numerous harmful objects and keeps it clean. However, before reaching Green Acres air filter servicing and replacing shops, you should know why it is crucial for your automobile.

Why air filter in vehicles is vital?

One can state several reasons as to why an inexpensive part like air filter present in cars is so essential. However, the major reasons include keeping dust and other objects out of engine, correct ratio for air to fuel, stall engines completely, etc. Take a look at these in detail!

1. Protects engine from certain objects

The first and foremost task of air filters in vehicles is to catch and filter out the dust, dirt, leaves, insects, etc. so that it doesn’t reach the engine after it gets in through the front grille of a car. Without air filters in remarkable working condition, such harmful components enters the engine and starts compromising it through abrasion and corrosion.

If the air filter is not cleaned and replaced whenever required, it loses its ability of to stop such contaminants and engine doesn’t get the air it needs to perform appropriately. Therefore, if you want your engine to work efficiently and get the air it needs, the always opt for air filter service near Green Acres to keep it clean or opt for replacement if required.

2. Fuel to air correct ration

If you want your vehicle’s engine to work correctly, then you need to have air filters that are clean or get new ones. Without correct ratio of fuel to air numerous issues will emerge. One of such issues consists of inefficient combustion.

Every engine of a vehicle requires ample air flow for combustion process. Without appropriate combustion process taking place, a car will fail to perform efficiently and in this procedure, the automobile will burn more fuel than it requires. Moreover, dirty air filter affects engine power which results to sluggish acceleration.

3. Stops stalling of engine

If you let the air filter get extremely dirty then engine will stall completely at any given time. However, only good news from this is, if you have neglected maintenance or replacement of filter for a long duration, only then engine will stall absolutely.

4. Reduces emissions

Since dirty air filter will reduce clean air flow to an engine, it starts to make the engine choke. This results in adversely affected emission system, which leads to incorrect fuel-air mixture and creates problem for ignition. Thus, by having correct amount of air flow into the engine by having clean air filter which helps in reducing emissions.

These reasons shine light on the question, “why air filter in vehicle is vital”. With so many adverse effects that can dawn upon the engine due to dirty air filter, it is simpler to just have regular maintenance and replacement for such filters instead of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars due to dirty filters.

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