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Why Changing the Engine Oil Always Works

by Clare Louise

Car owners are often advised by the mechanics, the manufacturer and auto experts as well to keep changing the engine oil in the prescribed intervals. On the other hand, it is agreed by almost every car user that, after changing the engine oil, things get invariably better under the hood.

When we asked one of the senior mechanical experts of the center of Mt Laurel oil change, about how changing the engine oil always works, and why, he took pleasure in explaining to us the same.

It is All About Proper Lubrication

He started his explanation by showing us, how every car engine works with the help of the engine oil. All the parts that comprise the motor engine need to stay in proximity, and work in tune with each other. If there was no film of engine oil flowing between these parts, they will start rubbing against each other’s hard surface and cause friction which will automatically lead to overheating of the components. Then it was all easy to understand, how things turn automatically hostile, if the engine gets overheated.

Filter Change Also Matters

During every oil changing session, the mechanics will always insist on changing the filter as well. This makes a lot of difference too, stated the veteran mechanical staff. He showed us how a dirty and contaminated engine oil can harm the engine components, since the smooth flow of the oil gets restricted. Not only that, the dirt and debris flowing along the engine oil also get stuck between the running parts, constricting their movements. This results in disrupting the functionality of the engine, making you experience bad performance of the car, and can eventually lead to a complete breakdown. So, when the engine oil filter is changed along with the oil, the mechanics will clean the engine parts and your car gets to breathe a lease of freshness.

Prolongs the Engine Lifespan

With time, it is normal for the car engine to sludge and wear off. But this eventual ageing and downfall can be slowed down, if the mechanisms are well maintained, not allowing any foul play taking place. Changing the engine oil in the said interval, as prescribed in the owner’s manual of the car, will delay the process of ageing, since the mechanisms work in a clean atmosphere with a layer of protection between them. This will not let any undue friction and overheating cause damage to the parts and so they will keep running at their usual pace through a lifetime.

Fuel Efficiency Sustained

Other mechanical staff at the above mentioned center of oil change service in Mt Laurel agreed to the fact, that even the fuel efficiency of the car is sustained if the engine oil is changed in regular intervals. It is the same way that the smooth run of the mechanisms that do not hamper the original mileage capacity of the car, since there is no struggle for these parts to work, and your car keeps moving easily just because you granted it a timely oil change.

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