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Why Skipping A Scheduled Oil Change Can Be Dangerous

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Since the time of automobile products were moving on roads, experts in this field have always recommended the car owners about changing their car engine oil following the scheduled intervals. The ideal interval between two oil changing session can be referred from the owner’s manual, as each vehicle will have its own mechanism that can run smoothly to a certain extent without an oil change, after which every compartment will start revolting in their own ways, in an event when the car is denied its scheduled oil change servicing. The mechanics who serve at the Benton Harbor oil change department explained how skipping a scheduled oil changing session can lead to several dangers.

Lack of Lubrication

Vehicleengines are made of several automatically moving parts, among which many need to stay lubricated to a certain level in order to avoid the inevitable friction because of rubbing against each other. The engine oil that is used in the engine compartment is the material that is meant to lubricate all these parts and keep the overall engine compartment cool.

But over time and certain amount of usage, the consistency of the engine oil starts deteriorating and this happens when the oil starts getting contaminated due to the constant accumulation of dust,dirt, and debris from the outside atmosphere. All this lead to increasing level of corrosion in different internal parts of the engine and further result in failure of one and more of these parts. In case of extreme internal damage caused by the lack of lubrication, the entire engine system can fail.

That is the first and foremost reason why one should never skip a scheduled oil changing service.

Decreased Fuel Efficiency

If a vehicle engine components suffer from poor lubrication, it will start showing its affect in its mileage. The vehicle will more likely to lose its fuel efficiency and tend to consume more fuel at nearer intervals. This so happens as the engine needs to work harder with its rough inner components that are no more in their usual conditions. So, the car needs more fuel to run each of them.

To prevent such things from happening one has to ensure that not only there is enough quantity of clean oil inside the chamber of the engine, but the oil is of the same grade, weight, and viscosity that the manufacturer of the car has recommended.

Reduces Lifespan of the Vehicle

It goes without saying that the engine which plays the role of the heart in any vehicle needs to stay sound and healthy, to maintain the due lifespan of the said vehicle. Skipping out the scheduled oil changing services will automatically harm the engine health and cut down on the longevity of its components that together will reduce the overall lifespan of the vehicle, warns the mechanical team of the center of oil change service in Benton Harbor.

Hence, it is expected from every car owner to follow the scheduled oil changing services strictly only to lessen the burden from their own shoulders, and to avoid a breakdown of their cars at the middle of a journey.

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