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125CC vs 110CC: What’s the difference?

by Criss Deniel

Scooters are the most comfortable thing for family riders. It is probably very feasible for getting more mileage.  Are you planning to buy a better performance scooter? It is confused between 110cc and 125cc? The better thing is to get the beneficiary details about the scooters first and then choose the top most fuel efficiency scooter in India for maintaining good performance.

These vehicles are more affordable than other bikes. It is more comfortable for safe ridings. Scooters are non geared vehicles so it reduces the level of stress factors to changing gears, clutches and more. As like this vehicle, the hero splendor also gives some benefits for the daily users. It is more affordable than other bikes and it gives a unique design. It is more comfortable for occupying more space, increases the mileage level, controls the fuel cost etc. that’s why the company provides the best advertisement of splendor plus ki kimat in the market.

Things to know about cc scooters


The 110cc scooters are a perfect fit for basic riders like women, homemakers etc. it contains the actual compartments for your comforts. For 125cc scooters, it has large space compartments in their under-seat and it is more comfortable for storing your bulk things and it is more efficient with the fuel tank capacity, seat height and ground clearance. It helps to keep your things to be settled in a single compartment and makes your ride safely.


Scooters can despite their lightweight penalty which helps to take a higher top speed as well. It provides a higher performance and also useful to maintain you’re scooty in good condition. 125cc is more powerful than 110cc scooters. It provides rice performance and maintains fuel-efficiency. It helps to increase the mileage capacity based on your rides. The economical ride will help to increase the performance value of your vehicle.


It will give the extra displacement that should mean as to get more capacity which turns to require more air and fuel to fill the combustion chamber. It will reduce the fuel consumption which helps to travel certain kilometres in a liter of petrol. It increases the mileage which is based on the fuel capacity, engine load, riding style and a few other factors. Basically, the largest 125cc will return the efficient figure with a little effort. The increase of mileage level will determine the lifespan of a good engine.


110cc scooters include an inner storage that makes a shutter mechanism and combi brake system. Whereas the 125cc scooters are getting some features such as a new digital speedometer and 5-spoke alloys. It is classified into four different colors such as midnight blue metallic, black, pearl sunbeam white and sword silver metallic. These basic features will helps to choose the best bike for your happy riding.

The bottom line

Scooters are the more effective thing to get safe and comfortable rides with your family. It is suitable for both men and women as well as for adults. Anyone in your family fits for getting the perfect rides with the scooters.

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