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3 Things You Should Know About Nano Ceramic Coatings

by Criss Deniel


The ceramic coating uses nanotechnology to pack up all the chemical elements that give your car protection and a good shine. Therefore, nano-coating is another name for ceramic coating. Nano coating is the process of applying a layer of detailing products on a surface to make it repellant to water, dry particles, oil, or dirt. Additionally, nano-coating helps protect your vehicle from scratches and dents. Also, it improves the car’s hardness and makes it resistant to bacteria. For instance, one can check out what is a ceramic coating for more information on nano-coatings. Nano-coatings provide a long-lasting, high gloss shine for your car. Additionally, they provide high-tech protection from elements; it bonds with the car’s surface making it water-resistant, easy to clean and withstand mild damage.  Nanocoatings may last up to two to five years.

 Here are some of the things about nano-coatings

  1.     Benefits of nano-coating

Nanocoating acts as a defense against common chemical stains in your vehicle. Whenever a solid chemical stains your vehicle, it meets a protective coat that prevents the strong chemical from damaging your vehicle, such as a Mother’s CMX Ceramic Spray Coating. Additionally, nano-coating reduces UV damage and oxidation. They reflect ultraviolet rays and enable the coats to look better and stay better protected from harsh sun rays. Also, it improves the cleaning ability of the car. i.e., the addition of nano-ceramic coating to a vehicle, the paint adds the super hydrophobic effect of reduced cleaning times. These properties can also be seen in other products’ reviews such as the Turtle Wax Ice review, another excellent nano-ceramic coat. Additionally, it is easier to clean Nanoparticle formulating, dirt, and grime than a non-protected surface.

  1.     Disadvantages of Nanoceramic coating

Nanoceramic coating is expensive compared to other detailing products. Quality products will come at a price. Therefore, spending an extra coin should not be a big deal. However, one should buy long-lasting coats not like the Shine Amor, which has been reviewed to last only for a few weeks. Additionally, the application is time-consuming. It takes about three days to be able to use your car once again. Additionally, mistakes such as high spots and streaking might make your car look worse. Therefore, ceramics have to be done perfectly

  1.     Things Nano Ceramic coating doesn’t do

There are few things that ceramic coating will not do. For instance, nano-coating doesn’t protect your car from swirl marks, scratches, or rock chips. The coating is not suitable for severe scratches or chip protection. Additionally, it does not eliminate water spotting risks; after evaporation of water, the spotting remains intact. Also, the coating does not eliminate washing; there’s always a need to wash your vehicle to maintain better results. Also, one can learn how to do DIY detailing from the DIY ceramic coating.

Therefore, considering nano-ceramic coating is beneficial to your car as it provides your car with complete protection from chemical and natural hazards. Also, it leaves your car looking new with a showroom like shine



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