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7 Motorcycle Mods That Are Worth the Cost and Effort

by Danny White

You rumble into the driveway on your new ride, ready to show it off to anyone you can corner.

But if you’re like most motorcycle riders, you’ll have no sooner swung your leg over the seat to dismount then you’ve started planning the first modifications you want to make to your bike.

Every rider has a list of motorcycle mods they want or plan to make at some point. And all for different reasons. You can mod your motorcycle for:

  • Performance by changing out the air filter or exhaust
  • Safety with bar-end mirrors or new brake pads
  • Looks with a cool paint job or decorative lighting
  • Comfort with a new seat or suspension

While most of these motorcycle modifications are well worth doing – and bragging about – the ones that deliver a drool-worthy look are considered among some of the best motorcycle mods.

Here are seven options you should definitely consider adding to your list to increase looks and fun.

  1. Fender Eliminator

Many riders find the stock rear fenders of bikes today too big and plain ugly. If you thought you had to keep it because the license plate is attached, think again.

A fender eliminator kit can get rid of your rear fender, improving the profile of your bike. A good kit will give you a minimalistic way to hang the license plate and rear signals to keep your ride street legal and safe.

There is always debate about whether fender eliminators are legal motorcycle modifications. Check your local laws to see what’s required, then make sure you get a quality kit to ensure the taillight and turn signals are properly relocated.

The fender eliminator is more about visual appearance than performance, but the small reduction in weight can have some benefit.

  1. LED Light Kit

Lighting is always a great way to improve a motorcycle, whether for safety or looks. And the new LED options out there are a definite improvement over stock options.

You can change out the bulbs and systems for the bike’s regular lights – headlight, taillight, auxiliary lights, and turn signals – without adding any strain to the electronics or charging system.

But if you’re going for a visual improvement, a light kit can make your ride a sight to behold. These lights come as thin flexible strips that can be cut to length to be placed nearly anywhere on the bike you want. Common locations are along the bottom of the bike and around the wheels.

Most light kits offer choices of color and strobing patterns, so you can seriously customize the look. As you choose your placement, keep in mind too many lights can wash out the parts you’re trying to highlight. Don’t go overboard.

As with the fender eliminator, make sure you know what’s legal in your state as far as additional lighting goes.

  1. Custom Paint

The ultimate motorcycle mod is a custom paint job. There is no better way to get a truly unique look for your motorcycle that reflects your personality.

The hardest part of this mod is picking your design. You aren’t limited to something a manufacturer comes up with in terms of style or color. Do you want tie-dye or flames? Flags or skulls? Classic vintage paint colors and pinstripes?

If you feel brave, motorcycle painting is a mod you could take on yourself. It requires a great prep job and tons of patience.

  1. Frame Sliders

While frame sliders can add a tiny bit of color, their function is to protect the look of your bike more than add to it. After all, you want to keep that custom paint job looking good. These are a relatively cheap motorcycle upgrade well worth the effort.

It is almost inevitable that at some point your motorcycle will end up on the ground. Driveway drops and slow speed tips are common occurrences. A frame slider becomes the point that hits instead of your fairing to protect your bodywork.

You can choose from a variety of styles and materials. And adding sliders is a lot cheaper and less hassle than replacing cracked plastics and signals.

  1. Custom Windshield

Another great motorcycle upgrade is that windshield. Many times, it’s a part that gets neglected, so the stock model does nothing to help with comfort or appearance.

The visor of a helmet is important but no replacement for a good windshield. On long rides, a windscreen keeps your body from being buffeted and blocks those pesky and painful bug bullets.

A good windshield installed and aligned properly directs airflow around your bike, reducing drag while looking good.

  1. Flush-Mount Turn Signals

Turn signals often seem to be an afterthought to a motorcycle’s design. They can look like bug eyes sticking out from the sides and ruin the look.

Flush-mount signals fit more snugly to the bodywork for a cleaner look. It also means they won’t interrupt or distract from more obvious mods like a custom paint job.

These are a relatively cheap motorcycle mod that adds to the look of your bike by taking something away.

  1. Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines

Most motorcycles come with rubber OEM brake lines. Functional but ugly, for sure. But they’re also a little hidden away, so they aren’t always a huge priority for changing out.

Installing stainless steel braided brake lines gives you one more way to bring a little color to your bike while improving braking performance. These high-end lines can make your bike feel more responsive and give you better feedback as you brake.

Turn Heads With Your Motorcycle Mods

No matter the brand or style, any bike can be improved with a few easy motorcycle mods. Start by prioritizing whether you want to upgrade for looks, safety, comfort, or performance.

The options are close to endless, but these seven upgrades make for a great starter list. You’ll have a bike to envy in no time as you check them off as done. Check out our other posts on motorcycles for more ideas to upgrade your bike.


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