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Car protection films – Everything you Should Know About Them

by Danny White

Driving a car safely requires much more than just skills these days. What we are talking about here is external protection against damages – a car protection film. It is a kind of an invisible layer that will protect the surface of the car. So, let’s first begin with the benefits of such films.

Benefits of Car Protection Films

Car protection films, especially high-quality ones like Proshield pellicule pare pierre have the following  benefits. 

  1. They Are Strong

Car protection films are strong. Once you have them installed, the part that they are covering remains safe. But, safe from what? If you’re thinking about it as well, then read the pointers listed below for answers.

  • It protects the car’s paint against scratches, debris, and dust. 
  • It protects the paint against damages caused due to the sun.

As a result, the paint looks as good as new and so does your car. 

  1. They are Versatile

Car protection films designed by elite companies are quite versatile because:

  • They are designed on a computer. 
  • They are designed for thousands of models. Which is why they fit almost all car models perfectly. 
  • They are pre cut pieces with fine edges. And since the edges aren’t sharp, they do not leave scratches on the surface during or after installation. 

Some other reasons that car protection films at Proshield are called versatile include the following. 

They are produced for different kinds of vehicles – listed below – beside cars. 

  • Motorcycle 
  • Snowmobiles 
  • Off-road vehicles
  • Trailers 
  • Motocross 
  • Boats
  • Sea doo
  • Mountain bikes

They are designed for different parts of the vehicles other than just the bumper. 

  • Hood
  • Main lights
  • Trunk
  • Rearview mirrors
  • Fenders
  • Quarter panels 

In fact, they can also be designed for the entire body – Complete body kits.

  1. They offer Perfection When installed by professionals 

Installation professionals at Proshield are highly skilled. So:

  • They can easily install the films around tricky and round surfaces. 
  • The film comes out seamless and smooth after installation. In other words, there aren’t any bubbles left behind. 

On a closing note, a good car film takes nothing away from your car – (a) since it is invisible, the color of the paint is visible, and (b), the surface under the film is smooth to touch. What it, instead, does is give away something extra to the car – (a) protection against scratches and long paint life and (b), protection against debris and dust. Thus, you must buy one at Proshield.


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