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Honda Civic vs Toyota Corolla: AHead to Head Comparison

by Danny White
Honda Civic vs Toyota Corolla

Honda and Toyota, the two giant companies have a competition with each other for ages. In these decades, they have come up with impressive new models of cars that are worth purchasing.

We were working on two of the main competitive cars that these companies own; Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla and found out a list of features, specifications and pros & cons related to these cars.

These two models go head-to-head in the vehicle industry and there’s no doubt about the fact that these cars offer an array of specifications in the car market. It’s definitely tough to choose one; hence we’ve listed down a few points that can help you get to one decision.

Prices and Variants

When it comes to the pricing, the Toyota Corolla has a starting price of around $20,430 for the L sedan variant, while base-level LX is priced at $20,680. Since there is not much difference between the prices of both cars, we consider it a tie.

The pricing of Toyota Corolla 2020 trims is as follows:

  • L sedan: $20,430
  • LE sedan: $20,880
  • SE hatchback: $21,070
  • SE sedan: $22,880
  • Hybrid LE sedan: $23,880
  • XSE hatchback: $24,070
  • XLE sedan: $24,880
  • XSE sedan: $26,380

The pricing of Honda Civic 2020 trims is as follows:

  • LX: $20,680
  • Sport: $22,380
  • EX: $24,430
  • Touring: $28,080
  • Sport Touring: $28,980

Interior and Exterior

The parts of the car are as important as the whole pricing criteria. It’s a long-term investment so these are needed to be considered properly. In the comfort of the seats, it’s sort of a tie between both of the companies. Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic both offer comfortable and complacent seats. They both have quite a generous room for your legs to relax and are quite spacious. You will absolutely have a smooth ride if you go for a long road-trip in both of these vehicles.

Coming to the body of both cars, The Honda Civic checks in at:

  • 7 inches long
  • 7 inches tall
  • 9 inches wide

The Corolla stretches:

  • 3 inches long
  • 5 inches tall
  • 1 inches wide

Again, it results as a tie between both vehicles since both vehicles have remarkable exterior and interior.

Cargo Space

People who have huge families really look for huge cargo space in the vehicle while buying it, as they’ve got a lot of offloads and on-load while traveling. In that case, our vote goes to Honda Civic as they have huge cargo spaces. Corolla also does it in many comparable variants but not as much as Honda Civic.

  • Honda Civic sedan has 15.1 cubic feet of space
  • Toyota Corolla sedan has 13.1 cubic feet of space

This lets people buy Honda Civic more as not everybody requires a less-spacious cargo vehicle.


Everyone’s who’s going to invest in a car will unquestionably look for reliability and safety. We’re talking about individuals and families who await commuting practices on these cars. Toyota Corolla comes with its Toyota Safety Sense suite of active safety systems, while the Honda is equipped with Honda Sensing.

A range of safety-related features can be found in both cars. A drive can benefit from features including automatic emergency braking, forward collision warning, lane-keeping assist and lane-departure warning.

In this case, Toyota Corolla has excellent reliability and has a total of 5/5 star ratings making it a huge success for Toyota Company owners.

On the other hand, Honda Civic has a drawback in this as it scores a 4/5 average score in safety features as seen on different car review websites.

Interior Quality

The rider needs a level of comfort and satisfaction while driving the car. These levels are boosted by the beauty of the interior of the car. It makes it easier and more convenient to handle all the operations while driving.

We will vote for Honda Civic as it has got an overall excellent building quality if we compare it with Toyota Corolla. It has got a good fit and finish, high-quality materials on key touchpoints, hard components, etc. Even Toyota Corolla has some of these traits after going through numerous customer reviews we found out that Toyota’s sedan had received bad feedback on its interior quality.

So, this was our short comparison. We have avoided going into some other factors like engine and fuel mileage. The reason being each variant performs differently and fuel-economy is different in every trim level.

So, our ticket goes to Honda Civic but Toyota Corolla also has a bit of offering that some of the target groups might like. They both have their bits of pros and cons. We hope you get to the right decision and purchase what suits your requirements!

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