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How to choose the motorbike that fits your height?

by Feris Wall

Purchasing your first motorbike will be an exciting moment.  The best way to pick a motorbike for your height is to visit a motorbike dealer and try several models for size. You can get a test drive before you buy it. Choosing the right one will be the biggest challenge for you. Choosing the right motor that fits your height is the important thing. The motorbike can give you a unique personality style. So here are some of the tips to buy a motorbike for your height and size.

Finding the right type of motorbike:

Everyone has their imagination of riding a motorbike. Fast and comfortable and able to go everywhere and do everything. So here is some of the information to have an opinion on what style will work best for you. Best 200cc bike in Srilankawill have many new features in it.


Typically it has quiet low seat heights. It makes a prevalent option with the new riders, and they come in various designs, from essential to intricate ones.


Sportbikes are the athletes designed to be aerodynamic and allow high lean angles in the corners. It can mean that shorter riders will be on the tip of their toes trying to reach the ground.


Touring motorbikes are the comfortable one, designed to ride an extended period with all the comforts. It can vary slightly from one brand to other brand, and they typically mixed with sport touring designs that offer new features and comfort the rider.


They do everything on the streets well and designed with a particular focus.   They have a variety of engine size and accommodating motorcycles size.

Dual sport:

They can cruise across the world, on the highway, or the village, so if you want the styled one you could ride anywhere year-round, it may just be what you are after. The seat height tend to be little taller because off- road clearance, so be sure that you sit on it before purchase.

Adjust your motorbike perfectly:

Motocross and dual sport styles bikes have some of the highest seat heights to accommodate more suspension travel. You might assume that they would be tall or short riders. Replace the seat is the easy method to change and fit it to a motorbike. It will work well for large touring bikes or cruisers where the standard seat can have a lot of padding. Swapping the middle for a different shape and less padding can make a significant difference to seat height and reach the ground so the distance can control in lot of cases, it can increase comfort.Scooty in Sri Lankawill have many adjusting type in it.

Bottom line:

Due to the population, it makes better sense to buy a perfect motorbike no matter how your city has many vehicles you will almost find facilities to park your motorbike. Riding an ideal motorbike that fits your height is the best and happy part of daily life, so enjoy the driving moments and make good memories.

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