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Make sure that you allow for proper tire maintenance

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snow tyres

The whole process of buying tires is time consuming, but once you have found and bought a set of ties that fit well to your vehicle, your driving style and the weather conditions that you plan to use them in, you will have to make sure that they last. Tires will last longer if you purchase premium tires. Preferably they should also have low rolling resistance as that will reduce the wear and make the tires last longer.

Other things that will make the tires wear fast is aggressive driving style with a lot of accelerations and fast braking. For winter tires that have studs this can wear excessively on the studs. Even when you purchase new studded tires you should break them in by driving very carefully during the first few hundred miles to ensure that they set properly in the tread. You should also avoid driving with tires where you have lost more on some tires that you have a more than 25% difference, as too much difference in grip will cause the car to be difficult to maneuver. This is why you will need to make sure that you rotate the tires to even out the wear between the front and the rear axles. By measuring the tread depth, you will make sure to know when to rotate the tires and when to purchase a new set. An electric vehicle or hybrid will increase the wear rate of the tires, so that you will have to rotate the tires more frequently that you are used to with a normal combustion engine car.

Proper tire maintenance will include as mentioned above that you measure the tread depth on a regular basis and making sure that the tires are rotated when the difference in tread depth is around 5/64 inches. You also need to monitor for when you reach the 5/32-inch limit as that is when you should change all the four tires to a new set of tires, so that you can maintain the same grip around the vehicle. Different grip will cause the vehicle to over- or understeer.

You also need to check the tire pressure to ensure that you have the correct tire pressure in all the four tires. Low tire pressure will lead to excessive wear and will force you to change to new tires more frequently. The fuel consumption will also increase leading to more frequent stops at the gas station and increased fuel costs. This is the same that happens if you purchase cheaper tires with a high rolling resistance.

Proper visual inspection of the tires is also important, so that you can quickly detect if there are any visible cuts or cracks that can cause the tires to explode. If you notice any problems with the tires, it is important that you take the car to a tire shop to have their experts to look at the tires to see if they need to be changed or are still safe to drive with.

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