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Braking Pads and Rotors: What are they and What are their Functions? 

by Clare Louise

The braking pads and rotors in a braking kit ought to be tensile and speed sensitive in order to be in compliance with the road safety standards. Before we can take you through 3 such braking kits that can be purchased at Crossdrilledrotors.ca, it’s important that we introduce you to the basic functions of brake pads and rotors. 

Importance of Rotors in Vehicle Safety

Rotors on the wheel’s Axel are responsible for creating resistance against spinning that, in turn, brings the vehicle to a stop as soon as you push the brake pedal. 

It is the condition and quality of the rotors that contribute to minimizing the stoppage distance so that the vehicle comes to an instantaneous stop.

Importance of Braking Pads 

Brake pads are responsible for creating friction against the rotor that, in turn, guides the rotor to create resistance against spinning. It is, thus, the sensitivity of the brake pads that determine how long it takes for the vehicle to actually stop after the brakes are applied. 

The ones that create the maximum friction in one smooth motion are the ones that you should buy. 

That said, we’d now like to take you through the list of 3 excellent brake kits that you can buy at crossdrilledrotors.ca for optimum performance. 

  1. G3000 Brake Kit

This is a high performance braking kit that features a double disc ground rotor that deals with accidental run outs and semi metallic brake pads that stay functional across different temperatures.

The benefits of having them are listed below. 

  • The vehicle comes to a noise free stoppage since no brake dust is generated.
  • There’s proper heat dissipation that keeps the brake fluid cool. 
  1. Black Kote Brake Kit

This is yet another high performance braking kit by DBC with an electroplated rotor for smooth braking and high-quality braking pads to bring the vehicle to a quick stop. 

Some of its features and benefits are listed below. 

  • Proper heat dissipation eliminates the threat of thermal cracking. 
  • The rotor is rust resistance. As a result, the vehicle comes to a noise free and vibration free stop whenever the brakes are applied. 
  1. Black XD Brake Kit

One of the most advanced braking kits in the market, this one features a rotor and braking pads that are made of carbon fiber ceramic. The most phenomenal benefits of having this one installed in your vehicle are listed below. 

  • It’s best for noise free braking. 
  • It offers swift motion stoppage that, in turn, reduces jerk if the brakes are applied suddenly. 
  • The rotors are rust resistant. 
  • Proper heat dissipation ensures that the brake fluid remains cool. 

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