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Finding the Best Deals on Car Insurance

by Danny White

We’ve all heard the story — you’re trying to find the best deal on car insurance by getting quotes from different companies. Insurance provides give you a terrific quote that’s inexpensive while still having all the coverage options you want. But wait — the insurance provider comes back with a substantially higher insurance premium than in the original quote. What happened? It could be insurance points. Points added to your driving record from traffic violations vary by location. The trouble arises when you don’t report tickets or accidents on your insurance plan. When your driving record from the DMV doesn’t match the information you provided to the insurance company, you could see increased insurance rates.

Your car has many variables that impact auto insurance pricing. People who drive cars with a lot of horsepower are more likely to speed and get into accidents. That means that cars with more horsepower are more costly to cover. Your car’s size can also impact your rates. For example, huge SUVs are capable of causing a lot of damage to other cars, so driving them can up the price of your auto insurance. To get better rates, think about using cars in the midsize range, such as sedans, midsize SUVs, or minivans. How much a car is worth also impacts the cost of covering it. A car’s value is one of the top considerations for insurance companies when they are setting the policy price. For more savings, consider driving lower-priced cars.

Gender can no longer be used to compute auto insurance prices in many states. However, marital status does play a role in calculating auto insurance rates. Married couples are more likely to receive auto insurance at a reduced rate. Individuals who haven’t been married tend to get into more driving accidents than their married counterparts. Elderly widows and divorced folks also see higher prices for higher auto insurance. Individuals in a domestic partnership may be eligible for discounts, but it is more common for married couples. Numerous theories exist for why married couples are less likely to become involved in automobile accidents. Some sources maintain that married motorists don’t drive as much as single motorists. Other sources suggest that married motorists live more stable and lower risk lifestyles than single motorists. Either way, if you’re a married driver you’re likely eligible for discounted car insurance rates.

Five little numbers can save or cost you thousands of dollars annually on auto insurance. Your zip code can matter as much as the make or model of your car. It all depends on the number of traffic offenses in your area. Firms group zip codes into risk classes, so areas with higher levels of injury and theft claims usually get higher insurance premiums. For example, city drivers almost always pay more than country drivers for the simple fact that more cars mean more accidents. The state of the streets in your zip code can also affect how companies price your auto insurance policy; zip codes with less developed roads often see higher prices.

Along with your driving history and zip code, your credit rating can affect your auto insurance quotes. Many insurance companies provide credit-based insurance rates because studies have shown that credit scores correlate with how likely an individual is to get in an accident. 92% of insurance companies look at credit score when calculating auto insurance rates. Insurers can provide the fairest and most suitable coverage for every client by using credit-based auto insurance. We know your credit rating can affect your auto insurance rates ., so focus on things you can do to improve it, such as paying your bills on time and being careful about how you apply for credit.

The rates for auto insurance vary considerably by age group. Certain age groups present more of a coverage liability than others because of a higher likelihood of injuries and costly claims. Young drivers are usually the most costly to insure because they tend to drive more recklessly and get into more traffic incidents than older drivers. Auto insurance prices drop off for adults once they start into middle age as they are more experienced behind the wheel and get fewer injuries in comparison to teens. This holds until motorists reach their seventies, where auto insurance prices begin to rise again. Even though age is one of the most significant variables in the cost of car insurance, the effect of age on auto insurance rates can vary wildly from state to state. Overall, you typically see young drivers paying the largest sums for an auto insurance policy.

Searching for and purchasing auto insurance is often seen as an unwelcome and costly chore. Still, it’s an important task that protects you from financial loss associated with traffic collisions, automobile theft, natural disasters, or other unfortunate incidents. We always want to guarantee the best possible rates for auto insurance, but it’s not always clear how we can go about it. The only way to be sure you’re getting the best deal is to shop around.

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