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How Is a Car Dealer Different from an Auto Lease Broker

by Feris Wall

When it comes to leasing a car, the lessee generally has two options i.e., whether to deal directly with the dealer or seek the assistance of a leasing broker. A lot of people do not have clarity of which one would be more favourable to them. In this article, we would help you understand both ways of leasing a car so that you can form the right decision. 

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Difference between Car Dealership and Car Rental Broker

A dealer is a car firm that owns various types of cars to provide to their customers on lease or purchase. Whereas a car lease broker acts as an impartial “middleman”. He works for the car buyer to identify the best car rental deal based on the needs of the car buyer.

Benefits of Using a Car Dealership

By dealing directly with the dealer saves a car buyer from paying an extra fee to the broker. It has been seen that the auto finance deals provided by the dealers are more expensive compared to that of leasing brokers. 

Another advantage of choosing a dealership is that they have a good stock of cars in different make and models. So, they can ensure you that you can take a test drive and get a car on rent at any time you want. This is not the case with a car lease broker.

Benefits of Hiring a Car Lease Broker

The major benefit of hiring a car lease broker is that they offer you better and cost-effective deals than what you get from a dealership. This is what makes them an alluring option among people.

A leasing broker is flexible and independent in his operation. He will run through a wide range of vehicles at several dealerships to get the best deals. 

A car lease broker is very knowledgeable about the market, industry trends, purchasing cars, negotiation skills, etc. This requires that the car lessee need not do any leg work to rent a car. They can leave everything on the broker and they would find the best deal for their needs. 

Criteria to choose between a car lease broker and a dealership 

You can use the following factors to compare between both options to decide which one works best for you. 

  • Cost of Vehicle
  • Test Drive Opportunity
  • Additional Fees
  • Consumer Effort
  • Knowledge and Expertise
  • Convenience 
  • Reputation


After assessing both options, hiring a car lease broker proves to be the more convenient, economical, and hassle-free approach. Hiring an independent broker to find the best vehicle helps you maximize the benefit of leasing a car. 

Nevertheless, you need to check the reputation of the broker before you hire one. You should deal with a dealership only when you are a negotiation expert and have thorough knowledge about the automotive business. 

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