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Service Components Often Tied Up with Oil Change

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You take your car for a simple oil change servicing and the staff there suggests you a list of other services as well. Do you feel they are only trying to increase the bill amount? If yes, then you are not alone. Many new car buyers maintain the same opinion. We would like to confess, that even we used to think the same way. But when we visited the Glenwood oil change serviceunit, our opinion changed once and for all.

The mechanics over there suggested us that even if we gain a bit of idea about how all these servicing components work, we would ourselves opt for the same set of services.

Reason Behind this Linkage

When it is time for your car to get a fresh lease of motor oil, that itself is an indication that it needs the same freshness in many other sections, as the car has travelled enough number of kilometers and gathered enough of dust and debris, that could have suffocated many of its operating mechanisms.

Since you had to make time for the oil change, getting all these sections cleaned and freshened up makes perfect sense. Not only it saves your time and effort, but also brings the best result through its revived spirit of performance. Here we would list them down to make things easier for all to understand.

Oil Filter Replacement

After crossing the first threshold of age and drive distance, as mentioned by your manufacturer, it is time not only to change the motor oil but also the filter, that in fact will save the oil from getting contaminated again. If you do not change the oil filter while changing the oil, it would have almost no effect, and this exercise of oil change will go in vain. It is so because it is the filter that couldn’t protect the oil from the dust and debris. Hence, unless you change the oil filter, even the newly poured oil will get dirty in no time.

Changing the Cabin Filter

Much like the oil filter, even the cabin filter of your car  needs the same treatment as it has accumulated the same amount of dust and debris all these days. The mechanics we consulted at the oil change service in Glenwood warned that if you don’t change the cabin filter, when you take your car for an oil change, you are giving an incomplete servicing to the health of your car. your cabin will not feel fresh, and you won’t feel nice when you travel, with a worn out cabin filter which is reluctant to work.

Treating the Tires

The tires of your car have faced the brunt of all hardships when you have driven so many kilometers. Each of them needs a change of place to share the responsibility and load. So the best you can do for them is getting a tire rotation done. That will also let you know how much air pressure each of them is having, and whether they need an inflation right now.

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