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What are the key things to know about the 2020 variants of Mercedes Benz?

by Clare Louise

For car enthusiasts, vehicles from the Mercedes Benz are always fascinating. However, you should know that they come in various variants and each variant has its own unique features. So if you are on the lookout to buy the latest variants of Mercedes Benz 2020, you should be aware of the specs and features of each variant. In 2020, Mercedes Benz has released the S-Class and the E-Class. Each of these variants has their own traits. From powertrain options to design updates these variants make driving a lot more pleasurable. Mercedes Benz dealership Laval would help you avail the best deals and offers.

Know more about the S-Class

The S-Class gets 3.0-litre inline-six petrol and diesel engines assisted by 48V mild-hybrid tech. The new S-Class will be bigger than the current model in every dimension with sleeker looks and restyled elements. It comes loaded to the gills with features like augmented reality, level 3 autonomous techs, adaptive ambient lighting and more. The S Class gets not one, but five displays inside which is quite impressive. The display of the driver also comes with the full 3D view that exudes practicality.

The redesigned alloy wheels along with the digital light system makes the Mercedes Benz a car you should have in your possession. But note that it is a luxury car and you should first assess its needs to opt for bit. Because of the new design, the S-Class is also one of the most aerodynamically efficient cars you would find nowadays. The S-Class would also help you park your car in narrower spaces. It can sync data obtained from your smartphone or smartwatch to determine your age and other factors. In other words, the S-Class variant is an intelligent car.

The Mercedes Benz E-Class

To be frank, the E-Class offers you with lots of features at an affordable price segment. The E-Class comes with redesigned headlamps along with the revamped tail lamps. You also get revamped interiors that are quite classy. The E-Class also comes equipped with a host of driving options that are quite intuitive. Over the years, Mercedes Benz has been able to invest in these aspects to make a car that can appeal to the masses. The route-based speed adjustment along with the active brake assist is one of the highlighting aspects of the E-Class. The E-Class like all other variants also gets a plush interior. However, you get two digital screens when compared to five as present in the S-Class. The energizing seat kinetics is quite innovatively designed and hence exudes practicality to the car buyers. The engine is responsive too that is a great takeaway. You also get additional engine variants if you wish to have more power and features. But you have to pay more to avail these features. Mercedes Benz dealership Laval should be your preferred destination to bring home an S or E-Class.

Let’s hope that the above information would help you to buy the best Mercedes variant in a benbeficial manner.

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