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Why is the present Tesla stock price justified?

by Criss Deniel

Elton Musk, the CEO, said that solar and wind farms can store the energy generated by the sun even when the sun does not rise and the wind blows. I can deliver food. A new type of battery is running or blowing wind. This is fueled by market curiosity and the desire of the general public to explore alternative sources of energy. Kasturi and his team say small sedan owners who drive 15,000 miles per year spend an average of 6,957 on gasoline. In contrast, owners of electric vehicles with the same annual mileage spend $ 5,540. In addition, the maintenance cost of electric vehicles is 35% lower than that of gasoline vehicles.

According to this analysis, electric vehicles have become economically viable. Chevrolet Bolt competes directly with Tesla. Developing other competing electric vehicles is the main attraction now for the company. Tesla currently has its own high-quality market. The advantage of electric vehicles over cars with gasoline engines is the lack of drive shafts. This allows for a more spacious interior. He studied economics and physics at the University of Mussoorie in South Africa. He is the co-founder, CEO and product architect of Tesla, the founder of SpaceX. Founder of X.com, which was renamed PayPal after the final merger.

Tesla Stock Performance this year and estimation

On August 31, Tesla made a 5-for-1 stock split. Shares have risen 60 per cent since the move was announced on August 11. However, at the end of September, the stock was trading between $ 6,406 and $ 448. Tesla’s strategy is to get users ready to pay the premium and get higher and higher prices in the market. It is possible. Despite Tesla’s struggles, the company had 400,000 reservations for Model 3. This not only shows that Tesla vehicles have passed the acceptance test but also the implementation of the Musk strategy. There is evidence that this has been possible since its inception in 2006.

Tesla’s chief executive said it had received two orders of 6,000 orders over the weekend for Tesla’s new low-cost electric car – the company’s first mass-market vehicle, the fastest market to see in another month. On his Twitter feed on Sunday revealed the good news for Tesla. If this trend continues, he says, orders could reach 500,000. Therefore, TSLA stock price has been increasing due to a large number and excellent sales potential available at a reasonable price even after performing so well in this year. Moreover, you can expect the price to go up in the year too.  If you want to know the cash flow of tesla, you can visit https://www.webull.com/cash-flow/nasdaq-tsla.

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