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Why metal signs are an excellent choice: is it affordable?

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The metal signs are an excellent option for signs and corporeal offices, shops, receptions, malls, building exteriors. A professional metal sign company manufactures products with antioxidant materials, which provides resistance to inclement weather. The advantage of contracting a professional metal sign manufacturing company, such as the Municipal Signs, is that you get everything related to the demand under one roof, from shop signs, regulatory signs, school signs, to construction signs and post signs. They in general design and manufacture all kinds of advertising signs made of carbon steel, stainless steel, welded signs, and aluminum signs, plated in compositions of letters, logos and shields. Send the company your design, a proposal or just the measurements and idea of ​​what you need. And the experts will send you a budget and design for your review.

Why choose metal signs?

Metal signs add elegance and style to your business. Its appearance and relief are very striking, since very attractive and original three-dimensional shapes can be obtained. Signs can be made of steel, iron, copper, stainless steel, aluminum. But, for its selection, factors of climate, environment, public, area must be considered.

Put the image of your business only in the hands of experts

An advertising sign has the main objective of attracting attention, inviting people or customers to enter, attracting attention or informing and therefore generating a subsequent transaction. The sign of a business is like a cover letter, which immediately generates a first impression and concept of the place or business. It is the first image that the client of your business carries.

Custom Signage Plates

Good visual communication is the principle of an organized environment. For this reason, Municipal Signs has an exclusive department for the development of customized signage plates according to the needs of each client. Signaling solutions for indoor, outdoor, information panels, signboards, guidance signs, directional signs to facilitate circulation, signs for identifying brands and companies, made of glass, aluminum, PVC, in various sizes, with different types of finish and fixation – all according to the needs of each client. A sign manufacturing company can be produced with any type of information and with the logo of each company. All products have high quality, durability and elegance for any type of environment.

Manufacture of traffic signs

The traffic signage plates are manufactured according to the laws and can be made of galvanized steel, aluminum, fiberglass, plastic, etc. The pictograms and texts on the traffic signs can be applied by screen printing or reflective film, depending on the need. Traffic signs can also be used in closed environments, such as condominiums and companies, etc. The traffic signs are fixed by clamps and can come with posts for fixing to the ground. The traffic signs can also be used on wooden pedestals for works where the constant movement of this sign is required.

The traffic signs are prepared in accordance with the Traffic Code and the guidelines of the national traffic policy and are divided into some categories as follows – Traffic signs, Regulatory Plates, Construction signs, Warning signs, Indication plates, Educational Signs, Auxiliary services, and Tourist attraction signs.

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